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Milan Reinassance: a Night With Youth Club and Kobra Punx

Through their respective influences, Youth Club and the band Kobra Punx tell the story of the evolution of subcultures in the city of Milan. On the occasion of the premiere of Youth Club's street video 'YEAH BABY', Slam Jam Milano hosted an event with the release of an exclusive capsule with the skate brand and a concert by the punk-hardcore band.

Stomping Grounds

HOKA empowers everyone to act fearlessly and creatively, to drive forward with purpose and passion with an “always-on” mindset for innovation and thinking outside the box. Discover our latest editorial.

Nike Air Max 1 '87 Crepe "Fail Forward"

For our latest editorial, we collaborated with photographer Alessia Gunawan to launch the Air Max 1 'Crepe', an iconic silhouette instantly recognisable and revealing the identity of its everyday wearer. Combining the experience and fame of the past with the everyday need for comfort and versatility, the shoe represents a thread of nostalgia, impossible to keep locked away forever.

Slam Jam and Clarks Originals tribute two-tone subculture

Slam Jam and Clarks Originals team up to rework the Wallabee’s iconic style. The first-ever collaboration between the original British brand and the Italian powerhouse draws inspiration from Slam Jam’s archive and a picture from its founder Luca Benini to Egypt decades ago.

I like to ride a bicycle because I like to be in the air

Our aim with this project wasn't just to shine a spotlight on a bubbling global subculture of extreme trail mountain biking, but rather to focus on the mentality that comes along with it. Discover our latest project.

ADDPMP [501-999] Vol. II

The ADDPM Program presents a perspective on the cultural and cognitive flattening of human networked recollections. These records sink into the residue of what it took to arrive at the dawn of the Anthropocene Era and examine its fingerprints, while synchronously shaping a cast of what the future might resemble in the form of a shared fantasy.

A Day with: Lia Lia & Yuuki - New Balance FW '22 Editorial

For our latest editorial in collaboration with New Balance, we interviewed LIA LIA - the eclectic musician that unifies anime, vintage, and punk fashion - and Yuuki Tang - model, painter, and knitwear aficionado - to understand their worlds and personalities under one common denominator: the creative expression in all its forms.


For our latest editorial, we imagined a post-apocalyptic scenario, like a futuristic video game: 3D visors, tactical vests, balaclavas with google lenses, and remote-controlled drones.

Slam Jam Nike Air Force 1: an ode to the force attitude

The Slam Jam x Nike AF1 design, embodies the social, cultural, and architectural landscape of both vibrant melting posts in NYC and Milan with different but complementary elements that's naturally meant to be, just like us, the people.

An Evening Well Spent

As the world progresses, time seems to speed up, leaving some to forget the essence of gathering with those who consistently uplift them to new heights through inspiration, genuine connection and commonality. Discover our latest editorial about ASICS FW22 range.

The Connection of Everything

Adidas Terrex is joining forces with avant-garde outdoor label And Wander for a multi-seasonal collaboration exploring the universal connectivity of humanity and nature.

Berlin Stamina

Detailing a night in the lives of a Berlin skateboard posse of teens, what strikes about Steffen Grap’s snapshots is the oomph they radiate—at first latent, then bursting into frenetic spurts of action and excitement with all the clattering force of a skater wiping out down a flight of concrete stairs.

Tommy Hilfiger x Martine Rose

Tommy Hilfiger is excited to announce its collaboration with British designer Martine Rose and launch the Fall 2022 Tommy Jeans X Martine Rose capsule collection. Born from a mutual affinity for sportswear, the capsule is made up of modern wardrobe essentials that fuse streetwear style with signature prep details.

Circle – Dancing In Transit 2

The digital think-tank CIRCLE took part in the latest edition of Smart Life Festival – Umanesimo 5.0 with DANCING IN TRANSIT 2, the fourth chapter of a cycle of public program focused on the relationship between bodies and movement in urban contexts. The event was curated by the interdisciplinary agency 2050, together with Slam Jam.

Theater of the impulse, dramaturgy of the circuit: Julien Desprez summoning flows of absolute energy

The latest issue of X-Magazine shines the spotlight on Julien Desprez, Paris-based sound artist, performer, improviser, and composer. In each of his performances, he uses musical instruments to correlate his body movements with the space around him, creating an approach where music and art come together.

Slam Jam presents the fifth moment of the ongoing research project (Un)corporate Uniforms

For this release, Slam Jam has played with jersey items along with an ultralight windbreaker to complete the sportswear uniform and increase its functionality. Another research moment to explore the concept of the ultimate uniform with a consistent language, and a strong message for the community. 

The Air Max 97 celebrates its quarter century with an early Italian arrival

Despite the recent overall explosion of sneakers as a global pop phenomenon, the Silver Bullets have retained their cult status and allure thanks to the informal histories that shape how they were and continue to be desired.

Oval Parody: Slam Jam and FUCT celebrate reappropriation culture

Slam Jam and FUCT come together for the first time ever with a 5-items special capsule collection embracing the aesthetics of the nineties, an icon of pop culture and rebellion.

Esprit de Corps

Slam Jam’s latest editorial proves how the pictures snapped at photo booths with your friends in moments of buoyant revelation celebrate those perfect junctures that make life beautiful.

Slam Jam and Dr. Martens together for the first time

Slam Jam and Dr. Martens collaborate for the first time to explore the intersection between functional workwear and its adoption by electronic music subcultures.

Demon FW '22

This fall, Demon has come up with a “primitive coziness” inspired range of silhouettes. This direction of the materials adopted, varying from the Kalgan fur, used for the eponymous “Poyana Kalgan”, to the “Carbonaz Desert” which evokes the desertic scenarios of the arctic Tundras, with inserts in pony fur and a special eco-leather last.

Supper Club Series #1

Slam Jam teams up with food culture expert Tavolata by Nest to shape a set of intimate yet inclusive social dining experiences. An experimental approach to celebrate local chefs from the underground, and serve as the dining experience gathering for multiple and diverse communities.

Tomorrow's Performance Today

Using powerhouse Slam Jam’s presentation of the Stone Island chromatic camouflage collection as a jumping off point, this work explores the languages of survival, masculinity, hunting, fishing, faith and violence through a series of photographs, graphic art and visual research.

Slam Jam reworks the iconic Vans Sk8-Hi

Slam Jam and Vans joined forces to rework the iconic Vans Sk8-Hi, which has become a ubiquitous symbol of counter-culture.

Five will get you ten: Slam Jam x Vibram®

Slam Jam and footwear ace Vibram hit off their first collaboration to deliver the LB214, a post sneaker fashioned by an up-and-coming production process expanding the companies’ technological and design scopes.

A day with: Still House Plants

It is to the rhythm of shots that capture moments, jagged, temporary, instantaneous, that Slam Jam presents “A day with: Still House Plants”, featuring some of New Balance latest releases.

Martine Rose and Nike expand their football history – and the remarkable women who define it

In collaboration with Nike, Martine Rose expands the exploration of women’s football, launching the Nike Shox MR4, the brand's daring interpretation of the Nike Shox R4.

Dérive x Nike Yoga

The new series of site-specific yoga classes exploring the added value generated by the contamination between different contemporary disciplines is back, this time live in the rooms of Spazio Maiocchi.

CIRCLE: Dancing in Transit

Dancing in Transit is the third episode of a series of public programs curated by 2050+ with the support of Slam Jam in the context of Circle, a digital think-tank launched by the two agencies almost two years ago which focuses on the triad bodies–movement–urban environments.

Slam Jam and AC Milan rework the iconic 95/96 ‘Hidden Jersey’ to celebrate football culture

A limited edition of Slam Jam iconic Milanese team fourth kit from almost two decades ago, to celebrate football culture and the solid passion for rossoneri of founder Luca Benini.

Slam Jam x Grailed PFW Pop-up

Grailed and Slam Jam are partnering for the first time to shed light on memorable and archival pieces from around the world. As Slam Jam’s Founder, Luca Benini, puts it, “I think we share a pretty simple vision, we are constantly with the people we serve and dialogue with. We do what we like and do it for the culture.”

Slam Jam x Salomon XT-4 Strata

Slam Jam x Salomon is available from June 22nd at Slam Jam Paris pop-up (Rue de Paradis 75010 Paris, France), Slam Jam doors, salomon.com and selected retailers.

X Magazine Launch

Take a look at the latest X Magazine release. A balaclava full of horrors: mismatched frequencies, red eyes, dark circles, convulsive feet. A night with Duma and dj Die Soon.

We are no longer one seed but a forest of trees

Mosako Chalashika, skater and photo/videomaker from Lagos, takes us to a journey through his place, his community, his feelings.

No Fear at Night

Slam Jam teamed up with Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO to drop an exclusive colorway, now available online.

Slam Jam releases fourth edition of (Un)corporate Uniforms

Slam Jam presents the fourth moment of the ongoing research project (Un)corporate Uniforms. Taking the shape of the new collection investigating different urban contexts, functionality and subcultural streetwear trends.

The Real Y2K: Nike Resurrects the Air Kukini

The original Kukini dropped in late 1999 (then as a retro in 2011, then with a modified Free 5.0 outsole in 2012, then as a Zoom Spiridon hybrid in collaboration with Stüssy in 2020) and now ushers in three new colorways, including an already contentious Leopard print.

Slam Jam x Fila Redefined

Rolling out as part of Slam Jam's ongoing (Un)corporate Uniforms project, Slam Jam x Fila Redefined will be available online and in store from May 21st.

Woven bodies create patterns

Slam Jam teamed​ up with Fritz Schiffers, Berlin-based artist, to explore the ASICS Nimbus 9 universe and investigate on humans special characters and their individuality.

Slam Jam x 1017 ALYX 9SM

Slam Jam and 1017 ALYX 9SM join forces for an exclusive SS22 Special make up inspired by the volcano phenomenon. The capsule includes t-shirts, mono slip shoes and the iconic buckle necklaces. 

Shoot 1

“Bitches lookin' at me strange but you know I don't care” Snoop Doggy Dogg said that when the century started, when 00’s hits our life. Now Vitali, Berlin based Photographer, is firing a shot straight to our memories. Get it on with our latest editorial “Shoot 1”.

X Magazine 01 – Duma

The content is part of X Magazine and linked to its lunch together with a performance by Duma taking place on the 29th April at 9pm at NFQ. The performance coincides with the release of the “Euthanasia in Asia” limited edition-cassette which is part of the of the special edition of X-Mag.

Circle: Bodies in Flux

On March 15, Spazio Maiocchi in Milan hosted Bodies in Flux, the second episode of a series of public programs stemming from the digital think-tank Circle, curated by 2050+ and Slam Jam.

Behind the Bubble: 35 years of the Air Max

Easily among the most reliably popular sneakers of all time, the Air Max 1 hit shelves 35 years ago today. We celebrate Air Max Day 22 with a journey into the silhouette story and evolution.


Informal: the beauty of the lived and worn out. 'Lived' as authentic, unfiltered. The informal excludes the definition of a shape, the same way Stone Island excludes a definition of static matter that lacks continuous evolution and transformation. The informal is research and innovation. Just like Stone Island.

Number Twenty-Three / N°23

Slam Jam teamed up with Dr. Martens to show the latest Bex Neoteric styles introducing the new bouncing soles.

Demon Poyana 'Quarz' and 'Coal Rip-Stop'

For this year’s release, Demon’s main focus is introducing a series of new colorways and materials for its signature style, Poyana. With this release the brand aims at manifesting the manifold inspirations that inform the brand’s creative vision.

Youth Club

Youth Club is a skateboard company born and raised in Milano since 2017. The aim of the brand is to support the local skateboard scene through the help and sponsorship of the coolest skateboarders of Milano. Youth Club is the true and faithful reflection of the city’s skateboarding scene.
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